The Bose ControlSpace CC control center is an elegant, programmable, networked controller that provides users a simple and logical interface. Buy Bose Professional ControlSpace CC Control Center (White) Review Bose Professional. 0€ Shipping ✓ Bose ControlSpace CC EU Control HOT DEAL» 30 Days Money Back ✓ Huss: Your PRO Shop for Event Equipment (accessed: ).

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Bose Professional ControlSpace CC Control Center (White)

Validate order 0 article s: All the useful adjustments are easily accessible and the other are configurated during the installation and locked to avoid sound quality reductions. A fifth encoder provides control over programmed “scenes” or presets. It will be available soon!

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Because the controller is completely programmable, you can customize the ControlSpace system, making only certain controls available, and simplifying user interaction with the system. The product is in stock. The Bose ControlSpace CC control center is an elegant, programmable, networked controller that provides users with a simple and logical interface to their ControlSpace system.

A large, two-line by character backlit LCD provides users with the names of the system elements they are controlling. The CC provides four rotary encoders with circular LED arrays for a user-friendly method of managing gain settings or scene selections.

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Bose ControlSpace Cc-64 Control Center Great for 4 Months

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