31 [Upendra Namburi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. March looks like it’s going to be the merriest month of the year. 31 gives you a. Recently we got a chance to read 31 (Numbers Book 2) by author Upendra Namburi and we love to share our unbiased Book Reviews for the. 31 Upendra Namburi. The central theme of the book is the Indian Banking Industry and the glamour, the politics and the scandals associated.

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The adverse effect on the stock options of the company surely will result in the downfall of the shares!

There are a multitude of characters and keeping track of them becomes a tad annoying: In rated it really liked it. A restructuring is advocated in the Indian operations and to make matters worse, it becomes clear that a firing list will be released on 31st March which could cull a large portion of the Indian employee base. Promotions and increments seem within reach, life is good, and the month of March should be very merry. Or will the PE funds and bankers make and break the deal?

In short, this is the kind of book you have read in one go. Since situations of uncertainty are pretty common these days been through a couple myselfI could empathize with the madness and the sense of doom and being on your own. There is a strong tendency these days in Indian fiction to have trilogies made out and this is one of those books where it just does not make sense to have a sequel.


Suffice to say I no longer assume this. In The Name of God. But the things started taking unexpected turns for the protagonist and his family, friends, and colleagues in hpendra unexpected way.

Upendra Namburi – Author of 31, 60 Minutes & 8 Hours

Excellent thriller with a corporate setting. Ravi Shastry, the regional head of a MNC bank is a great team leader and one of the top performers in his bank. But it feels good to be here with the kids.

The bank has to tighten its belt and that means cost cutting nammburi retrenchment even in India.

31 by Upendra Namburi

Each and every place where more than one people are competing with each other is a battlefield in its own perspective! Every one is on the run, everyone is saving their ass and it is difficult in upenfra a situation to find out who is your true friend or namguri.

Will he keep his family together by 31st March? I end up not only buying a book at the airport, but also spend the first two days at home glued to the book.

In a battle of sorts, who will persist and who will come out on top?

Maithili, the girl with whom Agastya has an affair wants to avenge his betrayal. Will he have a job on 31st March?

31 | Upendra Namburi | Book Review

The book is narrated in first-person by Ravi same as me. And that is the time span of the story. Applicable only on ATM card, debit card or credit card orders. Ravi Shastry is the zonal sales head at a MNC bank where disaster strikes and the bank is facing layoffs. May 27, Ashwini rated it it was ok. You’d imagine that a book that tries to cram thirty, hectic days of wheeling and dealing at a bank in trouble would make for compelling, event-filled drama.


Simple yet gritty, his writing style has a distinctness that keeps the readers turning pages without rest. What failed was the author’s ability to write and hold the reader’s attention: And I had decided this time that I would not be carrying any book along.

Unless it was mailed to them, a page at a time, on their Blackberrys…So that they can read it in meetings? In one country their loss reach to billion from millions and the management tries to scapegoat the Indian branches which are making a good profit to use the profit from India to nullify the loss in foreign.

Here he is, riding high in the last quarter of a tough year for a large multinational, with every prospect of a coveted promotion. Get to Know Us. Feb 14, Nelton D’Souza rated it really liked it. Visit our Help Pages. I think that this book gives a vivid picture of life in the corporate world, and I could see that world in my mind as well. Do not forget to share this article with your friends over various social networks via TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus and others.

The greater the frequency and amplitude, the more real they become.