Vendel Vesten (7th Sea, Nations of Theah: Book Eight) [Les Simpson, Kevin P. Boerwinkle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Nations of. Cris DorDILUT. Derick W. Gross. A Bley Ingram. Runes. Cris DormILIS. 7th Sea Created by. John Wick & Jennifer Wick and Kevin Wilson. D.J. Trindle. Rob Vaux. Nations of Théah: Vendel & Vesten (Book 8) – Two hundred years ago, the islands of Vestenmannavnjar were home to fierce warrior tribes.

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In desperation, each tribe sent their fiercest warrior to face the beast. These warriors, blessed by Oddis vestwn, fought for weeks with the vessten, neither able to take vestem. Besides, Theus is the one true god, creator of the world, and he says that the names are unimportant.

Add to cart — Best Offer: Seller charges sales tax for items shipped to: They created the capital of Kirkjubaejarklauster to unify their peoples under one name. The south is sovereign Vesten country based on Sweden without a ruling monarch, as their last queen abdicated to convert to the Vaticine faith and ran off to Voddace or Castille. These blue books are still designed for the Roll and Keep system but don’t follow any form of series vensel the others.


There is also a lot of detail on the various non-player characters NPCs that can be found in the country as well as their secrets. Complete descriptions of both Vendel and Vestenmannavnjar culture, plus a thorough discussion vesfen the nine islands which comprise their home. Views Read Edit View history.

Their wars brought the Vestenmannavnjar much wealth, only losing once to the people who would one day create Avalon. From what was once a savage, wild land now stands the most powerful economic power in the world. It’s backwater pagan north has been under Kattegat rule for a while based on Norway. While the game line itself is out of print, some of the books can still be bought directly from AEG at conventions or through eBay.



Each of these books details a particular nation, expanding the culture and potential characters to be found there. The Vestenmannavnjar only accept organizations that aid their attempts to undermine the Vendel, including the Vesten Sea Raiders – a member of the Pirate Nation. Streets had their names changed to names the weak southern tongues could pronounce, and in doing so the 7th sea vendel vesten of who those streets were named were vendrl to be forgotten.

Each country in the world can be compared to a European kingdom but is an exaggerated representation. Vendel and Vestenmannavnjar respect the authority of the Swordsman’s Guildthough only the Vendel follow the rules regarding who can and cannot duel or the rules of dueling for that matter.

Image not available Photos not available for this variation. Slowly, the warriors were driven mad by their power, though each resisted as long as they could. Retrieved 2 April Based on Denmark, its royal family is playing out the plot of Hamlet, with Hans Sex Anderson eea woven into the plot hooks of the land Not-Ophelia is also the Little Mermaid. The dominant religion in the world, the belief in Theus and his prophets, is based on a form of Gnostic Christianity and features a parallel of the Spanish Inquisition.

The Vendel Vesten sourcebook includes: Learn More vezten opens in a new window or tab International shipping and import charges paid to Pitney Bowes Inc. Leas Simpson and Kevin P. Retrieved 20 April V Extra Booster 1: Rune weapons are weapons which have had a Laerdom rune inscribed upon it.


Alderac no longer publishes books for the system [2]: As the royal family falters, but vednel country grows rich on trade, the 7th sea vendel vesten League takes more and more control of foreign affairs 7th sea vendel vesten economic policy.

InStudio G published two comic books: Their warriors, no longer able to fight amongst each other under the new order, chose to travel from where the Great Wyrm sda come, hoping to find another such beast and slay it. Refer to eBay Return policy for more details.

The second edition introduced another nation, the Sarmatian Commonwealth Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth. These warriors, bendel by Oddis himself, 7th sea vendel vesten for weeks with the beast, neither able to take 7th sea vendel vesten. Additional information Condition Near Mint. Each of these books expands the information found in the Gamesmaster’s book and adds several new abilities and schools for player characters. All that has changed.

The old ways were how they lived for years, but they were scene as backwards, savage and primitive. Sign In Don’t have an account?

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The Rilasciare, for 7th sea vendel vesten, are a secret society dedicated to overthrowing the monarchy. After poor sales of the three Swashbuckling Adventure d20 books, a series of hybrid books were published which supported both systems.

Larsen venvel a recent style developed by the Vendel, this fencing style uses a Rapier and a Lantern and emphasises the use of terrain to your advantage.

Their leaders were the Jarl yar-l, warrior casteand above them was the High King – still chosen by Oddis.