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The plot is pretty intense, and it grabbed my attention from the very beginning.

This isn’t the typical historical though, our heroes have serious issues, one’s a professional sodomite, the other’s an opium addict with a debilitating stutter. Even though that was not on screen either, it was almost worse in the innuendo. This book was featured and it sounded like an amazing plot, actually. However, both men have secrets that threaten to tear them apart, and the shadow of opium addiction hangs over Wes like a malignancy ready to pull him into a darkness he will never escape.

Putting the blame for all that’s wrong with your life gentlemaj everybody else, circumstances and bad luck is a behavior for which I can’t muster much patience, either in real life or in fiction. The people of society put up with him only because they fear his father. Not Heidi’s usual kinkiness she can deliver oh boy, that woman can write some kink.

Feb 26, Bitchie New Year rated it liked it Shelves: The scene when the men meet is privste dripping hot, hy perfection.

Where can we even begin to help this man? Heidi also volunteers frequently for One Iowa, and is proud to be from the first Midwestern state to legalize same-sex marriage. Yet other matters that would have benefited from a privte more detail Wes’ withdrawal from opium were rushed over.

A Private Gentleman Heidi Cullinan. Michael had the best schools his courtesan mother could afford, and dreamed of being a scholar of books, or more practically a lawyer, but due to a devastating loss of innocence, became a whore. Enter another unhappy man, stage left.

A Private Gentleman by Heidi Cullinan

I will kill him, he genyleman. Such a sweet, gentle, yet passionate and emotional romance. They are joined by tendrils of a shameful, unspoken history.


While Wes is trying to sneak around to find a rare orchid rare plants being his only passion he is pleasantly assaulted by Michael. Painfully introverted and rendered nearly mute by a heavy stammer, Lord Bg Albert Westin rarely ventures any farther than the club or his beloved gardens. Feb 14, Feliz rated it really liked it Shelves: In s London, Lord George Albert Westin prefers to keep his own company and to tend a variety of plants about which he is something of an expert.

Michael, too, finds himself attracted to the reserved gentlemen, only to discover that he is inextricably linked to a past that haunts Michael relentlessly. Cullinan’s Wes and Michael make you root for them. There were a lot of things that were nice about this book, some however just did not work for me.

Wes and Michael are very broken men, both are haunted by their pasts and the abuses of the same man. In so many ways, the author reminded us again and again how strong her men were—how much they had truly overcome to even be cognizant members of society, no matter how much they both lived on the fringe of the same. And he didn’t fight his way out of it on his own, no, it took some kind of fairy godmother to pull him free of the swamp. I love couples who are just kind and loving towards each other, no need for snark or snappy comebacks not that I don’t love that too but these men were very thoughtful in their actions, it was sweet.

Feb 14, Simsala added it Shelves: Historical At a Glance: Both were pretty fucked up…in BAD ways, but I never felt that deep connection that I would have hope for with two such damaged characters.

A Private Gentleman

But certain themes touch certain buttons in people. It was absolutely adorable to watch them become to enthralled privatr mesmerized when they got to explore their passions Wes with the Exquisite love story between a whore and a stammerer opium addict. As was the custom of the day, Wes was prescribed opium to calm his nerves, and has slowly been using more and more of it to allow him to merely function in the presence of others—including his own family.

Both have huge insecurities, but were able to culinan the other move past them. Content warning regarding children: Dealing with pedophilia, rape and addiction, this story has a difficult tale to relate but does so with compassion and care—giving, only the details needed to set the emotional stage and give the acts importance rather than to simply titillate the senses.


His mind began to catalog the many, intricate plant-based poisons he knew, several of which were rendered tasteless in a simple cup of tea. When he hears rumors of an exotic new orchid sighted at a local hobbyist’s house, though, Michael Vallant is a professional sodomite hentleman damn that’s an awful thing to call a person, but it’s a historical, soooo he likes his work.

There’s some other drama keeping the plot tension going too and I loved all th I love a good historical and this re-release from Heidi Cullinan is just that, filled with wonderful characters and the flavour of London life. Wes and Michael were cute together, but I never was that invested in them. Too much tortured heros, too much angst, too much drama. I can dance, and I can speak.

Review: A Private Gentleman by Heidi Cullinan

Which, to me, is super-fun! Another great thing about the book that I want to note is that there’s no stupid misunderstandings, miscommunications, or dumb fights. It was very difficult because I read everything. Wes was alright, but he could be annoying.

He works for the Royal Botanist Society and he is great with flowers and orchids, even “bringing some back from the dead,” as the book puts it.

When he hears rumors of an exotic new orchid sighted at a local hobbyist’s house, though, he girds himself with opiates and determination to attend a house party, hoping to sneak a peek. I would give up all the orchids in the world just to lie for an afternoon like this with you.

Being a botanist and in love with every form of plant life, it is the delicate and beautiful orchids that enthrall Wes.

How exciting for me! ARC kindly provided by the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.