Birkat Hamazon. Floating Lucite Al Hamichya Judaica Wall Art and Home Decor. I love your idea of relating al hamichya to the regular birkat hamazon, Yes, the tune and kareoke for the al hamichya which is used in many.

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The structure of Al HaMichya is as follows: Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

Al Hamichya Poster

In bentchingthis is its own paragraph, and so does not interrupt the flow. This comment is a year later than your inspirational post, but I feel compelled to leave it anyways. Yes, the tune and kareoke for the al hamichya which is used in many homes, schools and camps is at the following link the previously used luria site and alhamichya. And if available, less likely to be offered since, after all, it is shorter.

Furthermore, the tune we should use for each segment should be the very same tune which we use in Birkat haMazon. Newer Post Older Post Home. A while ago, some bloggers were talking about a new tune to Al HaMichya. That way, what we need to remember is much shorter.

Shalom Josh, Thanx so much for your mentioning my alhamichya website alhamichya. Thanks for the great link to luria- I will try that out with my students.

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Thanks so much for being mizakeh the rabbim. Each span of text corresponds to a blessing in Birkat HaMazon What we should do, when teaching it, and committing it to memory, is to separate each component of Al HaMichya. Shalom Josh, Sorry it took so long to reply- I just saw your comment now. And we hamicya less likely to get flustered, since when we finish one unit, hamichyx move on to the next short unit. And we have to remember where to stop to insert that extra phrase.


I would venture that there are a several factors which lead to this difficulty: Here, we finish the preceding topic, and then we say retzei or whatever mention of the day is appropriate. Al HaMichya is not always said at a formal sit-down meal, such that a bentcher is less likely to be available.

I imagine you meant to mention the address haimchya the site but somehow it seems to have been forgotten. This is a rehashing of the concepts of the first two blessings on the land and on food, followed by an actual blessing with those concepts mentioned again.

For young children, perhaps build up to the whole thing. This is the hqmichya of the third blessing, since the three Biblical blessings are the first three.

I’d appreciate very much if you could post it together with your utube and that way, people can see both and choose whicever they think is more suitable for their needs. Don’t you think though, that this approach may be more confusing, as children may just continue with the phrases of birkat hamazon and get lost?

Birkat HaMazon is much longer, but put to a tune, we remember it.


Please aid us in publicizing this tune by downloading it and sharing it with others, adults, children, grandchildren, or students in schools, camps, or kindergardens. See it at www. That hamichhya, we recognize the parallels between them and have an overhead map of where we are going.

Indeed, there is a problem remembering the words of Al HaMichya. We should memorize each independently.

I know that I myself need to focus extra hard on “Rachem na” to make sure that I don’t lead myself into bensching afterwards. But perhaps we can do even better, addressing other complicating issues along the way, and thus aid in our kavana when saying it. Thanks for this blog! First, thank you for dedicating a whole blog and video segment to it.

Here is a website devoted to it. You are the same as luria. For a short prayer like Al HaMichyaif we suddenly insert a single extra phrase, we ruin the flow of the words off our tongues and get flustered. Posted by joshwaxman at 9: As such, a hamidhya would be exceptionally helpful. Can someone recommend a site where I can find a tune to help children or kids at heart!

There are actually two components here — one parallel to Rachem Na, and one parallel to UVenei Yerushalayim.