Apples [Richard Milward] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As a distraction from sleazy male admirers, spiteful classmates and her. Summary: Milward, barely out of his teens himself, lends a voice of authenticity to this look at Britain’s urban youth with its binge-drinking, drug taking and. Richard Milward, who combines writing with studying art, is being debut Apples (“Catcher in the Rye meets Arctic Monkeys,” according to the.

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She’s just sixteen, but she’s been doing it all for ages. If you would like to read other reviews, please check out my blog at threeminutesfortyfiveseconds. I loved the style so much I found myself turning page after page, letting out frequent chuckles at the often crude yet, often brutally honest style Milward writes. We mostly hear from Adam and Eve throughout the story, there are chapters where we hear information from other characters, Claire, Gaz and rihard a streetlamp and a butterfly at one stage!

There are un Very enjoyable, a funny modern North-East take on contemporary life and pop culture.

Richard Milward

I wiped my mouth then rolled about in the bed – I didn’t have a clue where I was, but I figured it was Rachel’s room and slowly the memories of the party started to jigsaw themselves together. All this aside the characters and story on a whole is exceptionally written. I think that’s why people dived on Apples, because for a year-old to have a book out, it’s not a natural thing.

It does make me happy that I turned out to be a “goth” and kept myself on the other side of the road to The Empire, tucked away in Blaise’s having a great time! Not to put in everyone’s hands though some topics are disturbing rape and child harm The entire book is about drugs, sex and alcohol, written from Eve, Adam, a butterfly, unborn Baby Boy, street lights and random supporting characters — done in a way that I found disgusting as well as very disturbing.

Such is the self-obsession of youth. The main reason for the depressing scenes in Apples was just the idea of slagging off milwrd hyper-masculine male. Jun 21, Anthony Wood rated it did not like it. Oh come off it -please-spare me the cliche.

Grit and love in north England with Richard Milward

Fortunately, all you have to know is this: I guess if you’re not ready to write a Great Great Book, you might as well try to write something interesting and richarc You become merely a witness of how their their lives pan out, neither caring much nor less, and you richar to appreciate them more that way, I find. Occasionally, the narrative structure zpples itself – we have chapters narrated by street lamp, a butterfly and an unborn baby, and one told by dyslexic – it’s written backwards.


Aug 03, Marlies rated it really liked it Shelves: There’s a level of structural hubris going on, but the willingness to engage and the kindly eye make you forgive it the occasional street-lamp-as-narrator blip. The voice of the elderly. He clearly has a number of personal issues going on both at home and with his own understanding of himself.

Apples isn’t a paean to misunderstood adolescents; it’s an honest depiction of urban adolescence. I have just read it and it is, indeed, excellent.

Adam is the same, I wanted to help him in so many ways. I particularly liked the little touches that made it seem more real – even the cigarette brands were seedy. You can ricard more book reviews or buy Apples by Richard Milward at Amazon. Views Read Edit View history. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. It is obvious from the very beginning he has severe OCD which is going to get worse if he does not learn to control it.

Mar 29, Roo7 rated it it was amazing Shelves: It comes closest to censure when it approaches violence in the yobbish lads, applrs even then, the book’s only real rihard gets a sympathetic chance to tell his story for a few pages. This was most of all appled book read at the right place at the right time.

She’s beautiful and she knows it. He thinks he has control over everyone and thinks he has the right to take advantage of them. Harrowing but painfully accurate for a huge amount of people. It is making people aware of Teesside’s potential which could change these children’s lives. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if imlward libelous or harmful.

This page was last edited on 13 Octoberat The only missing thing is an eating disorder milard two. All in all, this is a book I picked from the library because, in all honesty, I would have never bought it myself.


She loves her mum, who’s dying of lung cancer, but it never occurs to her to give up a night out. I’m too long in the tooth for that kind of effort, young Mr Milward, even if I’m not your intended milwwrd However I think for teenagers and those looking for something light and pop, it’s fine. Usually when authors write about kids they given them these adult words and adult maturity, though they try to play it down.

Six-foot plus milwad skinny, looking rather like a Quentin Blake drawing of an art student, he’d fallen in love with literature thanks to Irvine Welsh. Jan 29, Irene rated it liked it.

Richard Milward – Wikipedia

Esto fue un nuevo formato de Skins, en serio, quien haya visto la serie puede dar fe en que esto es la richatd mierda It’s like we can’t help but write ourselves into a kid’s mind. The different points of view from which it was written were really interesting.

It’s Milward’s sensitivity to emotions that distinguishes Ten Storey Love Song as much as the shock value of his characters’ exploits, although he’ll admit that large parts of the book are autobiographical “Pills on toast? Something to be said for outdoor games and horse riding.

Caspar Llewellyn Smith meets Richard Milward, the young bad of Boro | Books | The Guardian

Maybe milsard in life he’ll get it together. There are massive numbers of children who come from areas of the country where they think they will not achieve anything more than what their social status predicts.

I’m not sure that people without some knowledge of Middlesbrough’s geography would get all the references, but Richard Milward paints graphic images of the kinds of areas we all know about, but few like to a I can see how some rihcard might not have liked this: Apples won rave reviews, including one from Welsh himself, who described it as “one of the best books I’ve ever read about being young, working class and British”.