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Indicaciones actuales de las artrodesis en los miembros. Biomecaniica prospective randomised trial. Foot Ankle Clin ; 7: Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Conflicts of interest The authors declare no conflicts of interest. Clin Podiatr Med Surg ; Maceira E, Monteagudo M.

The importance of the length of the first metatarsal and the proximal phalanx of hallux in the etiopathogeny of the hallux rigidus. Gastrocnemius proximal release with minimal incision: Radiographic measurements in patients with hallux valgus before and after proximal crescentic osteotomy.

Primary metatarsalgia alterations are related to the anatomy of the metatarsals and their relationships, which can lead to mechanical overload on the affected metatarsus and may evolve with pain and plantar callosities. Conclusion It was observed that the prevalence of the metatarsal formula depends on the measurement method.

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Observers compared p C—A 0. Patients were excluded if they presented deformities that compromised the forefoot, midfoot or hindfoot; a personal history of previous surgery or trauma to the feet; or personal histories of diabetes mellitus, rheumatological diseases, vascular diseases or neuropathies. Maceira E, Orejana A.


To help the evaluation and make it more reliable and reproducible, an illustrative and explanatory model for both biladot was attached beside the registration form Fig. Acta Ortop Traumatol ; 1IB: In the patients with primary metatarsalgia, the index minus metatarsal formula was more prevalent according to the transverse line method Reproducibility To assess interobserver reliability, all the radiographic images were measured using the MTL and AM separately by three observers.

Metatarsalgia, Metatarsal bones, Reproducibility of tests. The descriptive data and the statistical analysis results were as follows:.

Orthop Clin North Am ; Published online June 15, This concept has been established by several authors. Clin Orthop Table 2 Comparison of the interobserver agreement analysis between the transverse line method and the arc method.

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In cases of primary metatarsalgia, the index minus type is related to Morton’s method, while the zero plus type is related to Hardy and Clapham’s method. Open in a separate window.

Barouk LS, Barouk P. Angular correction and complications of proximal first metatarsal osteotomies for hallux valgus deformity. Magnetic resonance imaging of the foot and ankle: Conclusion In the present study, it was observed that the metatarsal formula prevalences depended on the measurement method.


Study of the metatarsal formula in patient with primary metatarsalgia

In the light of the current results, surgical treatment based only on this radiographic parameter is, to say the least, questionable. Three medical residents in orthopedics who were in their third year of specialization and under the supervision of the principal investigator evaluated all the patients with complaints of pain in their feet who went through the outpatient service of our department between December and June However, this finding was the inverse of the conceptual hypothesis, with greater shortening of the first metatarsal in the control group than in the metatarsalgia group.

Le tendon Calcaneen court. Clinical examination must be the priority in recommending any metatarsal osteotomy and should be complemented by other parameters, such as assessment of the instability of the first ray and anatomical alterations of the metatarsals in the coronal plane. It was observed that the prevalence of the metatarsal formula depends on the measurement method. Effect of first metatarsal shortening and dorsiflexion osteotomies on forefoot plantar pressure in a cadaver model.