We talked about doing a book of the Pleiadian teachings but never really . with the Pleiadians in which they talked about the Bringers of the Dawn making the. See order form for shipping costs. Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians. Purchase. Compiled from more than four hundred hours of channeling. Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians, by Barbara Marciniak, is a channeled material that Cassiopaeans had suggested for.

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During this time, the Pleiadians did a series of daytime classes for a few people in order to catapult us out of our issues.

Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians

Sep 05, JJ rated it it was amazing. Emotions are a source of food. I asked the Pleaidians, “Should we attempt to find a publisher before the book is completed, or at least announce that we are doing the book? They walk your streets and participate in your academies, your tachings, and your workplaces.

Let us take you further.

Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak

The rfom is going to come forward, a truth that will completely change the way you view the world. Your bodies carry a fear and a memory of striving for the knowledge that those gods represented and took away from you. The minute I got there, I began healing.

What we are saying is that people will put a belief system and a paradigm on these entities. Now teaching old question resurfaced. I moved into the personal creation of comfort and trust that somehow this would all turn out fine and that if I was to be trapped anywhere, Bali was certainly ideal.

These new owners did not want the native Earth species- the humans-to be informed of what took place. In the same way that you discovered the truth about the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, you are going to discover that there is a cover-up, a story, an idealized version around many of these energies that you have worshiped as gods. You incarnate to teachkngs creation, to gather information about creation, and to comprehend it collectively.

The creator gods are space beings who have their own home in space. As your tenth, eleventh, teacings twelfth chakras begin to open themselves, many off-planet energies will appear in your lives. In other words, Prime Creator was saying, “I am going to gift you of myself. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Different energies were brought into existence. If the extraterrestrial stuff boggles your mind, I’d still say read this book for the peaceful and empowering messages, and rhe be surprised at t This was recommended to my by a teacher I love.


They came to Earth and rearranged the native human species. They are losing control of the planet, so they are going back to their prime hringers in the Middle East, where their nest is located underneath the ground, to create fear and chaos.

Love is what makes up the universe. I glanced at the terminal clock and bringerx the slow passage of minutes. I’m thankful that I chose myself to do it, and I’m thankful for all the love and support I had from my family of friends during the process. As you get out of your own way, it will become easier and easier. Later on, when the book pleiqdians put together and many ask you how you did it, we want you to say that this is the process you used. Earth is assisting, in its own way, the evolution of the universe.

Your DNA will evolve from two helixes to twelve helixes. I began to contemplate where to begin and how to insert into time and space myself and this bringgers process called the Pleiadians that through me had created a life of its own. I was a mess.

The Original Planners set out to insert their own version of a plan to coincide with a time when the danw of Earth would be altered, a time when the owners would perish if they could not change their own frequency.

Whether peiadians beings from other galaxies exist or not, and whether they have a stake in the development of human consciousness or not, anyone concerned with the state of spiritual development on Earth will find solace and inspiration in this book.

Honestly, it scared the shit out of me. Early on Rbingers was led to Toby and Teri Weiss, both of whom have provided adept assistance in supporting the Pleiadian experience during our myriad of power-site tours.

The more intending you do, the easier it will become. This story is an ancient one, and it is stored within your body. You are linked to these beings because you are extensions or operable forces of them. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. As members of the Family of Light, you can understand that there is an evolutionary process taking place and that those who can handle the changing frequencies frrom all means will evolve.

Want to Read saving…. But not too long ago, I woke up one morning and was going over the pages of my screenplay that I’d written the night before, and I suddenly got this knowing – I am a writer! I am torn with this book. Also, you were told before you came here that there would be much assistance and that, at different junctures of your development, different entities would present themselves upon the planet in different capacities to trigger you, fire you up, and remind you-not to do it for you.


Anything that was unnecessary for survival and that could keep you informed was unplugged, leaving you with only a double helix that would lock you into controllable, operable frequencies.

The Original Planners are quite capable of plotting different courses and different realities. They said that I was to listen to the tapes and transcribe only the pieces that I felt would go into the book.

The evolution of consciousness and the ability to bbringers information is what allows one to come into the proximity of Prime Creator. Within a few short minutes I felt the urge to speak, and as this urge began to express itself in a whispered voice dissimilar to my own, another portion of my mind-the rational, “in charge” version began to question, through thought, the very voice that was speaking!

Had I stepped into something by following the deep-seated urgings that originally impulsed me to join this trip at the last minute, or had I dived too deep into the world of wishful illusion and dreamed it all up?

They are here to observe, and they are here to direct energy. The Pleiadians thanked me for my work with them and my trust, and they said they wanted to compensate me and gift me with many paychecks from Spirit paychecks from Spirit are not like normal paychecks that give one dollars and cents. As you accept and explore what you have participated in, you will have a greater understanding of what is going on now on the planet.

In a version of our “now,” there exists a place of tyranny and turmoil, and the have seen probable futures of Earth that include that same tyranny thd decay. Creator gods take many forms, and they are not all Lizzies.