Study Flashcards On CBSPD at Quickly memorize the terms, Material Safety Data Sheets for chemicals. Ethics is the practice of? Doing the right. Disclaimer: The purchase of the study material below is optional and is not the best or only means of preparation for any CBSPD exam. NOTE: Due to rising. CBSPD * The Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution. is an INDEPENDENT CBSPD Ambulatory Surgery Study Guide – 3rd Edition; 2.

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You can submit your programs on-line by going to our CEU Approval page.

Has anyone taken the certification test?

Not because I was ever asked to or made to. Cynical Panic in Chattanooga, Tennessee months ago. It may take up to 5 minutes to download depending on your internet connectionbut it is a FREE program. May Manager Packet.

Join the Queen of Quality to experience a new learning adventure in sterile processing! Jenifer E in Fredericksburg, Virginia months ago.

Indicators, Disinfection and Sterilization Free CE Study Guide by STERIS University

Theres basic instruments and until you get into a specialty, you wont use any weird stjdy and when you do you will learn them. Something is way wrong with the ST programs out there cbzpd the failure rate is that high. Patricia Thomas in Jackson, Tennessee. I am a certified surgical tech and renew my certification when necessary and found studying the surgical text given in class was adequate in helping me prepare for the test.


Help SONIgal remember her PPE’s in a word search level, swim through an ultrasonic tank to make sure it is degassed and cleaning verification tests are placed properly, and much more! A new game that takes you on a learning adventure all about endoscopes.

I have never had a problem getting a gide that I wanted, I’ve never been certified, but I have alot of experience. Do they tell you that?

Joyce in Charlotte, North Carolina months ago. A new game that takes you on a learning adventure all about proper labeling of equipment.

Crazy4Clean Games – FREE CEUs

It was all multiple choice for me. The horror stories are nothing more than ploys to get you to spend more money, or to promote the profession as being more difficult than it really is.

I am so ready to transfer from the depeartment I am in back into surgery. That was really the most helpful. So, you guys who have taken the test in the last 3 months, did they change the format to fill-in or written, or is it still multiple choice? I must have gotten this one for my last exam.

Join The Inspector in his investigation to learn all about the testing process. So even if I don’t quote Questons and just give areas to go towards to study is not ok. I postponed the exam guidee cuz I was afraid thati would fail The good news is that I passed so if you do that, you should be able to pass too.

Even though I have read all the surgeries in my books, cnspd it just doesnt make sense till you do it in person.


I am very nervous about taking the test can you give me a clue of what the test is like. Study the Alexander’s book.

Has anyone taken the certification test? – Surgical Technician Jobs |

If that were actually true they couldn’t stuey books with the material we need. Most employers do not require certification, but that will soon change with all the BS legislation, but then that legislation MAY serve to lift pay scales for the job I am taking my stusy test on Dec 30th. You do know that when you take the test, you agree to not reveal any questions or anything that was on your test. A new Flash-based game that takes you on an adventure delivering trays and scopes to SPD for processing.

Return of the Clean Brothers: A new Flash-based game that takes you on a learning adventure all about Safety and Personal Protective Equipment and Attire. I am pretty sure that if the right people saw this post they could keep you from sitting for the test again or if you have already taken it and passed, they could revoke your certification.

Maestra Tempa’s Temperature Challenge! So thank you to all of my teachers and preceptors