Cobian Backup. Update: The new owner is James Sweeney. I’ll update this site soon with more information. ” If you are looking for a stable and reliable. Welcome to the new version: Cobian Backup 11, Gravity; AES encryption (, to” error; A brand new, improved help file and tutorial; And MUCH more. You can run Cobian Backup as either an application or a Windows service. In this tutorial we will examine installing the program as a service.

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Click on the OK button to start the job.

Cobian Backup – FAQ

At this point coblan have successfully installed Cobian Backup and should see the icon in your Windows taskbar. If you don’t use compression or FTP, the program will always handle your file names as Unicode.

Check the NTFS security attributes of the directory where the program is located. The program seems VERY slow when the interface starts up.

Options-Interface-Show sizes Q- When I want to install the program, I get an error that says that the files could not be unzipped or that the resource file could not be extracted. Once you done setting it click OK and start the Task. In order to do this, the program requests a list of files.


If you wish to have it start every time do not change any of the defaults. In that case, the program will delete all other files, but not tuhorial hidden ones, and of course, the parent directory will not be deleted. I haven’t heard anything from him since then so I don’t know about his plans.

How to backup and restore your data using Cobian Backup

Installation of the backup software The first step is to download the software from the author’s page. How do I fix that? If the current files are different compared to the last Full backup it will back up that file.

If you are running the program as an application, just use the argument -nogui. You would then create a second task called Nightly Backup that is schedule to run on the other days of the week at a certain.

If possible, check also NAT fast track. I was searching for a good backup program that is a freeware and stumbled up on Cobian Backup. In this case it’s more effective to just do a full backup than to update.

But I’ll tell you a secret. No tray icon is shown Example: If the engine is present, you may be experimenting problems with your permissions.

Cobian Backup – An Excellent Free Backup Software for Windows

This error is sometimes wrongly logged, when a file system error arises if using the 7zip method. Some errors are non critical. The file cannot be open with my favorite program and is bzckup GB in size. New on version 11 Gravity The 11th version of Cobian Backup is now out.


In many cases those who become infected unknowingly become a breeding ground baclup unwanted programs and criminal activity. The task will then try to impersonate the user and execute the task under that account.

Try putting the FTP transfers into Passive mode when performing transfers and directory listings. Check also that you are uploading to the right directory.

The remote tool for Cobian Backup 7. For many reasons, but the must important of them are: This error could be caused by a lack of space in the destination directory or temporary bwckup or by trying to create an archive larger than 2Gb on a FAT partition. Will they run simultaneously? I want my tasks to run simultaniously.

I recommend you to backup your backup history as well.

Just re-enter the new password in Options-General-Service and Application control and restart the service. Download this VPN to secure all your Windows devices and browse anonymously.