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He likes challenges as well as discovering original spinsoring. Overnight stop in Montpellier. Our super 4L easily dealt with the obstacles. I n order to promote the natural sponsoding cultural wealth of our planet and its inhabitants, ecological and economical ways to travel like cycling, we decided to produce a documentary 52min and short videos 10min to be published on the web every two months. Cycling is our way to fight against global warming and other results of pollution.

But it is inwhen we left for our first expedition, that it really took on a true meaning. Sometimes we will also stop in rest houses and inns.

A trip around the world also means: O ur budget is calculated in dosser to personal experiences and many feedbacks from previous adventurers. The Montpellier-Biarritz leg today ran very smoothly. As we are conscious that producing bikes is a tiny part of global pollution, we chose a local manufacture in order to avoid shipping and its consequences.


Nowadays, he is focusing on a more ecological project. I n order to reduce the cost of this trip, we will sleep in a tent and rely on a simple cooking gear to prepare both simple and nutritive meals. C ommunication is also part of the Hey Bro adventure. Or ask local people to help us find a roof under which we can have some rest.

W e planned to bike around 50 miles a daywith a day off every 10 days. We will regularly communicate about our adventure so that you can all share our story. A humanitarian effort first and foremostYesterday, Tuesday 17 February, our team set off from Annemasse at 9 am to aponsoring up with the other teams from Savoie and Haute-Savoie in Albertville. After 6, kilometres, our team, no.

Thursday 19 FebruarySafely arrived in Seville. O ur travel philosophy is simple: We can follow specific directions.

It is not easy! He developed a taste for adventure, and learnt the values of mutual assistance and wponsoring.

Raid 4L Trophy – [PDF Document]

Well try and get a little sleep before setting off. Wednesday 18 FebruaryWere now in a tiny village 30 km south of Salamanca. Climate will set the tempo of our days W e will do our best to adapt, we are ready to ride through passes under the rainfields in the blazing suncities covered by snow or foggy meadows.

It was our first trip accomplished with our own four legs.

It is our bodies that will take us around the world. The technical checks went OK. Last but not least, you can help us to support other charity organisations from around the world. Wednesday 25 FebruarySuperb day again today. We need both reliable and strong gear while being limited in terms of weight and cost. Rossier he communication will be running throughout the adventureon social networks, our website, and online video platforms.


Biking is ecological I t is for us a way to travel without spoiling the environment. We set off tomorrow!!! Our boat sails at 3 am and tomorrow well be on the road for 8 hours.

In order to provide the best multimedia content, we will take with us several 4K cameras, a laptop to edit the videos, stabilisation devices, and various microphones. We are open to any proposal!

It will be translated into English and Spanish. I mages are a perfect communication medium, a splnsoring language. We leave tomorrow taking with us great memories of an unforgettable adventure!!! Departure this morning for Biarritz for the technical checks. We aim to share as much contents as we can.

dossier de sponsoring 4L trophy 2010

It is essential for us to prove that it is possible to triphy and live an amazing journey even with a tight budget. The documentary will be screened in various festivals and during conferences we will attend when we return. T his adventure will be captured in a 52 minutes documentary that will deal with several topics: Quick visit of the town.