A few years ago, strength coaches Dan John, a champion discus thrower, and Pavel Tsatsouline, a former special-forces trainer, asked that question. Easy Strength is a strength training protocol consisting of performing the same lifts on the Easy Strength training program by Dan John and Pavel Tsatsouline. “Everything in excess is opposed to nature”—Hippocrates. Perhaps you, the reader, are familiar with Easy Strength by Pavel and Dan John, but.

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For too long, sports strength training was just bastardized bodybuilding, power lifting, Olympic lifting or more recently— strongman training. That’s our gift to you, when you sign up today for Dragon Door’s essential newsletters:.

Easy Strength has my absolute highest recommendation for anyone involved in strength training. Yuri Verkhoshansky, a highly distinguished Russian coach.

Easy Strength: Your Answer For Size and Strength Part 1

Not a common thing in a strength book! It’s going to seem easy. This book is a must read.

Enter your email address. Easy Strength is a work of art and sure to be a classic go-to book for the modern coach. This plan was simple, but not easy. I was able to jump into my “old routines” and my numbers were as if I had been training them all along.

When I first read it, I did not understand it truly. Essentially, they have removed the fluff, filler, static, and misinformation that has leaked into the world of strength training and refined all of the important information into an approach that is so simple it is brilliant.


Our workouts take an average of minutes max. Pavel refuses to repeat what we already know.

“Easy Strength” 40 Day Program Review

Old PR’s fell, and yes, it seemed “easy. This book is a wealth of information for anyone interested in getting stronger.

Remember, simple and easy rarely fit together.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Do yourself a favor, get this book and get strong! I haven’t bench pressed in about 8 months and I was able to hit for 7. There are several ways to organize your training week, but one split is superior for the vast majority of lifters.

Then add some weight for three reps, and finally add some weight for two reps. Me and my two training partners implemented the Even Easier Strength rep scheme, waving the weights up when we are feeling stronger, and taking it easy when we don’t. I have no worries now. Both men are athletes, coaches, experts, and both ask the most fundamental question of a leader: Staying lean is difficult.

Srtength continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. If you start out lifting a weight, say at one effort level, and in a few weeks you’re lifting at the same perceived effort and speed, you’re definitely stronger.


Tactical pull-up a pull-up with a 24K kettlebell hanging from your foot Note: Be sure to get the double.

Discover those performance secrets within Easy Strength —and begin to look, play and win like Tarzan…. Sticking to it was the hardest rasy of this program.

“Easy Strength” 40 Day Program Review – Skill of Strength

Take a look at this new science. I really can’t recommend this book enough. There’s a better exercise to build your back. Hammering these lifts in the 40 day fashion will help a ton.

What I learned most with this exercise was when to back off and when to go heavy. You can treat double bell work this way as well. Thank you for your review. When the weights feel light, simply add more weight. By Pavel and Dan John. Convict Conditioning eBook Digital Book.

Easy Strength: Your Answer For Size and Strength Part 1 | Evolution Strength & Performance

Simply fill out the form below and put Easy Strength eBook to work for you right now. It also treats erectile dysfunction. Pick one from each of the following categories:. Convict Conditioning 2 eBook Digital Book.