Bereshith Rabbah (The Great Genesis) is a midrash comprising a collection of rabbinical homiletical interpretations of the Book of Genesis. It contains many. Books & Judaica: Parperaot LaTora El Midrash Bereshit (H) Menajem Becker [W] – The core of Jewish thought and it cosmovision finds its. I. The Earliest Exegetical Midrashim—Bereshit Rabbah and Ekah Rabbati. (For Midrash Shemu’el, Midrash Mishle, Midrash Tehillim see the several articles.).

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Isidore SingerJ. The haggadic Midrash, which confined itself originally to the exposition of Scripture text, was developed in its period of florescence into finished discourses. Then the angels spoke before the Holy One, praised be He: This is the common form of the befeshit in all the homiletic midrashim; it allows, however, of the utmost freedom of treatment and execution in its various parts. Why should this sorrow be created?

Genesis Rabbah – Wikipedia

But even the earliest of these works, Bereshit Rabbah, is essentially different in its composition from the tannaitic midrashim in that the several “parashiyyot” sections are introduced by proems. He took Truth and cast her upon the ground.

From the above-mentioned prefaces it is known that Machir b.

It midrsah a midrash comprising a collection of ancient rabbinical homiletical interpretations of the Book of Genesis B’reshith in Hebrew. About 70 are cited with the name of the Rabbi with whom they originated or whose explanation of the verse in question was used as an introduction to the section of Genesis Rabba. This extensive and important midrash, which forms a complete commentary on Genesis, and exemplifies all points of midrashic exegesis, is divided into sections.

But even then the text was probably not finally closed, for longer or shorter passages could always be added, the number of prefatory passages to a section be increased, and those existing be enlarged by accretion. The first traces of the midrashic exegesis are found in the Bible itself see Midrash ; while in the time of the Soferim the development of the Midrash Beresshit received a mighty impetus, and the foundations were laid for public services which were soon to offer the chief medium for the cultivation of Bible exegesis.


It is of the utmost importance, in considering the several midrash bwreshit, to emphasize the fundamental difference in plan between the midrashim forming a running commentary to the Scripture text and the homiletic midrashim. Prefaces head bersshit sections.

Many quotations in the Shulchan Aruch mention the passage of Genesis Rabba by the number of the section. This process of accretion took place quite spontaneously in Genesis Rabba, as in the other works of the Talmudic and midrashic literature.


Abba, bereshti censures the reducing of haggadot to writing and the use of written haggadot, for it was in general considered that the prohibition against writing down the bereshitt of the oral law” referred not only to halakot, but also to haggadot; for the latter in particular might be the expression of private opinions and interpretations which, not being under control of the schools, were likely to lead to abuses.

By various explanations of these texts, a transition is effected to the exposition of the particular verse of Genesis heading the section.

References to contemporaneous conditions and historical events also occur. Exegetic material for use in the proems, especially the composite ones, which are often very extensive, was always at hand in abundance; and the art of the haggadist appeared in the use he made of this material, in the interesting combination, grouping, and connection of the several sentences and interpretations rl a uniform structure so developed that the last member formed the fitting introduction to the exposition of the lesson proper.


Eleazar said, ” ; i. The reference to the sources was doubtless made by the compiler himself, who freely drew upon nearly the entire Talmudic-midrashic literature, the above-mentioned tannaitic midrashim including Seder ‘Olam, Baraita on the Tabernacle, etc.

The following is an extract from the first proem of parashah 9 and the interpretations to Gen. The old midrash contains many Scriptural interpretations which are exegetic in bereshot truest sense of the word, affording a deep insight into the contemporary attitude toward the Scripture.

Buber, Berdychev, ; to Proverbs ed. Genesis Rabba contains many simple explanations of words and sentences, often in the Aramaic languagesuitable for the instruction of youth. Ammi said, “He took counsel with his heart. This portion may have been taken from another and a larger haggadic work on Genesis that remained incomplete, and from which the midrash may have derived also the name “Bereshit Rabbah. The disproportion between the proems and the interpretations has not yet been satisfactorily explained, in spite of various attempts to do so.

Talmud Readers by Adolf Behrman. So the angels erred when the Holy One, praised be He, created the first man. Nathan says in the “‘Aruk” s.


In the concluding chapters, Genesis Rabba seems to have remained defective. It must be noted here that the following Rabbot are not used: Huna, in the name of R.

There are other scattered allusions to haggadic works in Talmudic-midrashic literature.

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