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Severity in imbalance is cruelty and oppression, and mercy in imbalance is weakness that allows and facilitates great evil.

Here we are reminded of the parable of the Pearl chrost Great Price, the true kingdom of heaven, for which the wise would sell everything and do anything necessary to purchase it — when we are truly aware of the End-Of-Days we will certainly have the motivation!

But the full fruition of these practices and wisdoms is only realized at the Supernal levels.

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ : A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah

Thats what a Living Gestalta Living Bt, is all about Indeed, it indicates enlightenment as the recognition and realization of the single thw ground from which both samsara and nirvana arise, or the relative expanse and absolute expanse, respectively. How to we know and understand the World-To-Come?

Asleep and dreaming, unaware of sleeping and dreaming, all bodies and all worlds in the dream are karmic, demiurgic — hence, they are damaged or shatter vessels in need of tikkune.

It is not only that we aknowledge our existent “natural” perfection. In a state of pure radiant awareness, in a manner of speaking, the truth is that there is no beyond, and yet there is a beyond, and there is no contradiction between these two truths — it reflects and expresses something of gnoosis as it is when we can look and see.

Of course, there are many who consider Christ Consciousness from the perspective of cosmic consciousness, and so speak of a Christian Kabbalah from a similar perspective as Jewish Mekubalim. There is also a teaching in the Kabbalah that proposes that the stars serve as the bodies of archangels in the physical universe, their cosmic rays and light being likened to angels.


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The item may be missing the original packaging such as the original box or bag or tags or in the original packaging but not sealed. Just yesterday a friend sent me a very interesting youtube video of a dialogue between the greats Krishnamurti and Trungpa Rinpoche.

There is a great difference between manifestation at the level of Atzilut and at the level of Yetzirah, which is well reflected by the correspondence of pure awareness or undifferentiated mind to the former and speech to the latter. This is reflected by the needs for teachings and spiritual transmissions at many and diverse levels, from mainstream exoteric religions to inmost esoteric and mystical traditions — these are all a raying out of the Light Transmission at different gradations, each according to the needs of the souls destined to it.

We see this with many great spiritual leaders who, in one way or another, went astray and lead many followers with them down the wrong path, and who yet, very clearly, early on, embodied a higher consciousness and illumination, and who obviously meant well.

Only when we are empty of ourselves can we look and see — seeing in this way is Gnostic Being, Enlightened Being. There is a feeling in it, for me, of the conceptual, theoretical, more than the experiential or realization. You may also like.

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ: Gnisis time a person decides to do something, he or she conceives a general plan. Not a surprise that the jewish people have givne the world such an amount of geniuses. My mother said that once too Pages with related products. According to herthe four traditional olamot ,from Azilut to Assiyahrepresent the emanation of En Sof in the “descendent “involutive direction.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. In love that would never happen, not in mundane love, let alone spiritual love — true divine passion!

Explore the Home Gift Guide. Krishnamurti was a ” social 6″ ,like Gandhi and Freud in their rigidlogical and “prussian” characters ,and Trungpa was a ” self-preservation 6 “the phobic type. Another way of gaining some understanding of the Rau is to consider them at the level of human experience.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. When speaking about the soul in a way that seems segmented and divided, we are speaking of the soul in a relative condition, the unenlightened condition, in which the greater potential is unrealized, and, in effect, unmanifest, nonexistent — so we may speak of the realization of various gradations of the soul, relatively. And Hope in Christ ,for He has defeated the tge. Some occultists and even some Kabbalists say that it is impossible to cross to the other “shore” and still remain incarnated.


Our neshamah is the ot of Adam Gau into space-time, the play of coming into being, the light-power of neshamah being hayyah and the essence of neshamah being yechidah — and here is an open secret: The light of the moon itself would correspond to Yetzirah, and the light of the full moon o upon the earth would correspond to Asiyah.

Please try again later. This groundbreaking work is the first to present the Christian Gnosis of the Kabbalah in a practical and deeply esoteric way.

Maybe in the west we could speak of the “multiple intelligences”or the brain and its correlate consciousness or our psychological structures and so on. Here we may say that are apparent imperfections are part of our beauty and perfection as unique individuals, and that our shadow is as much a capacity for the Holy Light of the Infinite as all other aspects of our being, our soul — in the end, if such may be said, as it turns out, there was never any shadow, only the Clear Light, Bornless Being, in the delight of the Divine Play of Becoming!

But the understanding and the appreciation of the “landscape” is very different. At least not in this life! Even the distinction of God and Godhead does not exist at this level, and thus, from our point of view, Ain Sof is the unmanifest-completely inconceivable and incomprehensible.

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ : Binah –

They say that Hesed is the limit we can reach, maybe Da’at actuallywhile incarnated in this physical bodies. Both are about experiencing God and evolving toward God, rather than just studying theology. Yet ,what i found interesting is how he said all that ,in a monologue of almost an hour, in a very egoic way!

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