Evangelium vitae (25 de marzo de ), AAS 87 () ; cf. Congregación para la doctrina de la fe, instrucción “Donum Vitae” sobre. Síntesis de La Instrucción Donum Vitae. September 28, | Author: CarlosManchi | Category: Marriage, Morality, Homo Sapiens, Soul, Existence. Notes 1 Congregación para la Doctrina y la Fe, Vaticano. Instrucción Donum Vitae Sobre el respeto a la vida humana naciente y la dignidad de la procreación .

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enciclica donum vitae pdf file – PDF Files

The theologian must therefore be attentive to the epistemological requirements of his discipline, to the demands of rigorous critical standards, and thus to a rational verification of each stage of his research. The meaning attributed to such tensions and the spirit with which they are faced are not matters of indifference.

Man’s deliverance from the alienation of sin and death comes about when Christ, the Truth, becomes the “way” for him cf. Potten, Stem Cellsop.

Theology’s proper task is to understand the meaning of revelation and this, therefore, requires the utilization of philosophical concepts which provide “a solid and correct understanding of man, the world, and God” 6 and can be employed in a reflection upon revealed doctrine.

Love, however, is ever desirous of a better knowledge of the beloved. Sapientia ChristianaApril 15,n. By its nature, the task of religiously guarding and loyally expounding the deposit of divine Revelation in all its integrity and purityimplies that the Magisterium can make a pronouncement “in a definitive way” 14 on propositions which, even if not contained among the truths of faith, are nonetheless intimately connected with them, in such a way, that the definitive character of such affirmations derives in the final analysis from revelation itself.

Thus it is exercised particularly when the bishops in union with their visible head proclaim a doctrine by a collegial act, as is the case in an ecumenical council, or when the Roman Pontiff, fulfilling his mission as supreme Pastor and Teacher of all Christians, proclaims a doctrine “ex cathedra”.


Despite the assertions of many philosophical currents, but in conformity with a correct way of thinking which finds confirmation in Scripture, human reason’s ability to attain truth must be recognized as well as its metaphysical capacity to come to a knowledge of God from creation.

Paterna cum benevolentian.

From this moment on, the theologian is officially charged with the task of presenting and illustrating the doctrine of the faith in its integrity and with full accuracy. Comunicato stampa del Coordinamento In such a way freedom of thought comes to oppose the authority of tradition which is considered a cause of servitude.

The obligation to be critical, however, should not be identified with the critical spirit which is born of feeling or prejudice. Lenoir, Europe confronts the embryonic stem cell research challengeib.

Cйlulas estaminales, agosto

Gearhart, New potential for human embryonic stem cellsib. Even though it transcends human reason, revealed truth intsruccion in profound harmony with it. The service of doctrine, implying as it does the believer’s search for an understanding of the faith, i. This judgment, however, does not concern the person of the theologian but the intellectual positions which he has publicly espoused.

And “this characteristic is shown in the supernatural sense of the faith of the whole people, when ‘from the bishops to the last of the faithful’ they manifest a universal consent in matters instrucckon faith and morals”. Gearhart, Putting stem cells to workScience, PDF is worth reading. Insegnamenti di Giovanni Paolo II.

Often models of society promoted by the instrucxion media” tend to assume a normative value.

enciclica donum vitae pdf file

Certainly, it is one of the theologian’s tasks to give a correct interpretation to the texts of the Magisterium and to this end he employs various hermeneutical rules. Thus while the theologian might often feel the urge to be instruccioh in his work, this will not bear fruit or “edify” unless it is accompanied by that patience which permits maturation to occur.


Elias, Stem cell politics, ethics and medical progressib. Paterna cum benevolentiaDecember 8, As the Declaration Dignitatis humanae recalls, 35 no human authority may overstep the limits of its competence and claim the right to interfere with this choice by exerting pressure or constraint.

It presumes that reason by its nature is ordered to the truth in such a way that, illumined by faith, ddonum can penetrate to the meaning of Revelation. Even when collaboration takes place under the best conditions, the possibility cannot be excluded that tensions may arise between the theologian and the Magisterium.

At the close of this Instruction, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith earnestly invites Bishops to maintain and develop relations of donu with theologians in the fellowship of charity and in the realization that they share one spirit in their acceptance and service of the Word. Je- sucristo con su Van der Kooy, S. Here arises the tendency to regard a judgment as having instruccon the more validity to the extent that it proceeds from the individual relying upon his own powers.

With such fonum opposition, he would even be making a contribution to the development of doctrine. The acts of assent and submission to the Word entrusted to the Church under the guidance of the Magisterium are directed ultimately to Him and lead us into the realm of true freedom.

Conscience is not an independent and infallible faculty. This is furthermore the case because while the theologian, like every believer, must follow his conscience, he is also obliged to form it.