All this came to mind recently when I picked up a novel I’d been meaning to read for many years, John Barth’s The Sot-Weed Factor. Reading. The Sot-Weed Factor. John Barth. “This is Barth’s most distinguished masterpiece . This modern classic is a hilarious tribute to all the most insidious human vices. ii 1 03 THE SOX-WEED FACTOR by John Barth THE FI-OATINC OPFJRA THE KKI> OF XJfcUE ROAJD THJ SOT-‘WJeKO FACTOR The SOT-WEED.

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Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. There is a crazy coincidence on nearly every page. When a novelist can write as well as peers like Saul Facgor or V. I felt like I was rereading books that I read in my teen series or early twenties. John Barth is still there, his words as gorgeously deployed as ever they were. Those things, as Colum McCann knows, are becoming harder and harder to sell to American book buyers, and the people who write them are edging closer and closer to the brink of irrelevance, which is a gentle way of saying extinction.

Ebenezer decides to write an epic poem entitled “The Sot-Weed Factor”. And the plot is tangled, d’ye say? With The Sot-Weed FactorBarth returned to earlier novel forms, both in their structure and mannerisms as well as in the irony and imitation found in Cervantes ‘ Don Quixote and Fielding’s Shamela.

For Barth, then, the telling of the story is the story.


The American history esp. We sit here on a blind rock careening through space; we are all of us rushing headlong to the grave. So they took lives for their own. A pesar de lo comentado, el resultado final fue por otros derroteros.

A Bio of the Real Ebenezer Cook http: Bauer notes, had wedd marketed direct-to-consumer in Time and Newsweek. And to be fair, I am not an Updike fan—he was just a little too unquestioning of his background, too WHASPy for my taste I have been adding the silent H to this acronym for the last few years, to isolate what is probably just assumed—and that is heterosexuality.


Time fachor it in its Time Best English-language Novels from to I am one of these people. Joan Toas This book is kind of nuts.

Todd Ellis This or Lost in the Funhouse. While some things I had believed, were revealed to be made-up truths. Inthe revised edition was reissued by the original publisher, in the Doubleday Anchor Edition series, with an added foreword. King Hicktopeake’s ravenous Queen had been keeping, not only the king, but all men in the town perpetually fatigued. I shiver at the memory. Or the softness of her breasts That gently flattened When she lay supine, But hung like apples of Heav’n When she bent o’er me?

Pages to import images to Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from August Articles to be expanded from July All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes. El recuerdo es el hilo que ensarta los abalorios, constituyendo el collar; o como el hilo de Ariadna, del cual hizo entrega el ingrato Teseo: Ebenezer calculates that the dark-skinned son became Charley Mattasin, who loved Mary Mungummory and was executed for murder.


You can imagine how the fact that I stayed in the Stillwell Hotel, a place right out of a Bukowski book except this hotel reeked like curry would skew how I was taking in the days. El plantador de tabaco es una obra maestra plagada de humor, inteligencia y profundidad, que recomiendo sin dudarlo.

There are recognizable names, and recognizable vignettes, but Barth takes liberties. Still, everywhere he goes in this not quite Virgin Maryland, he encounters Henry in his various dis- guises: Sure, Americans love watching fictional doctors treat fictional patients on television, but in reality aren’t doctors society’s consummate whipping boys? The Sot-Weed Factor was initially intended, with Barth’s previous two novels, as the concluding novel on a trilogy on nihilismbut the project took a different direction as a consequence of Barth’s maturation as a writer.

The Sot-Weed Factor – Wikipedia

He’s a master trickster. And today, today with two days left on my final renewal, to-goddam-day I pick the book up again. Barth is satisfied to say that the girl was ravished unmercifully, but so little is this whole scene tinged with blue that a lively newspaper might carry the account.