Saramago’s Jesus is the son not of God but of Joseph. Mary Magdalene is his lover not his convert. In the wilderness he tussles not with the. Or is our knowledge more a product of myth and legend? José Saramago’s fictional account of The Gospel According to Jesus Christ provides. A retelling of Jesus Christ’s life not as the holiest man in the universe but as a man, an everyday man, who is reluctant to take on the duties.

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The Gospel According to Jesus Christ

I am still stuck with Seeing. One of the greatest things about reading The Gospel According to Jesus Christ is that after taking in the story and understanding the interpretation and alternative theology that Saramago offers, the reader is led to consider matters at a more abstract level.

As always, the writing is distinctly him. Jesus is not believed by his family, and so he leaves them once again, meets Mary Magdalene, and goes to work helping the fishermen on the Sea of Galilee. After Joseph’s death, the readers follow Jesus throughout the course of his life, and Saramago pays particular attention to the psychological effects that being the son of God might have on a person.

One day out on the Sea by himself, he is visited by God and the devil. He works as an apprentice to chrust shepherd called The Shepherd who is understood to be the devil and the mysterious “angel” mentioned earlier.

Story of Romeo and Juliet. You are commenting using your WordPress. May I recommend another Portuguese author? Despite its potentially offensive nature, The Gospel According to Jesus Christ provides a unique portrait of the life of Jesus, and ends with a remarkable interpretation of the events of Jesus’ death.


And I like the title! They cannot truly record what Jesus felt because they are not, well, Jesus. The novel raises questions like: The Gospel According to Jesus Christ. How to Write a Accoding Essay.

Jesus Christ is just another man – The Gospel According to Jesus Christ by José Saramago | BR /

Jesus is initially against what he sees as a selfish plan bound to lead to great suffering of many, but is made to see that he actually has no choice in the matter. Jesus becomes a prophet of God, saramaago to work miracles but also preaching. Without giving too much away, let it suffice to say that God reveals his plan for Jesus, and Jesus is not entirely sure that he likes the way history will unfold after he dies on the cross, leading to a religion being founded accordiing his name.

What does it really mean to forgive, or to sin, and what role does human feeling play in these actions? Review of Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake. Of course, he cannot ever write this novel without reading the Bible.

You will not forgive the Devil because making him side with You will render your throne, the good side, worthless. Email required Address never made public.

Archived from the saramsgo on 31 December How to Write a Methodology. In the novel, that is. The novel proved controversial, [1] especially among the Roman Catholic Churchaccusing Saramago of having a “substantially anti-religious vision”. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Importance of a Library. This book re-imagines the life of Jesus Christusing the events depicted in the canonical gospels as a scaffold on which to construct its story.

Just to make things straight, God and the Devil are personified in this novel, giving them human qualities that allow us to see things in a different perspective. Jesus’s birth is heralded by a mysterious character, who claims to be an angel.


Hi Joana, thanks gospdl the recommendation. There are four gospels like any other Catholic knows, but have you not ever wondered back in those early, early days what really went on inside the head of Jesus? During that time, he authored a long list of novels that still are not only potent and impactful enough to deeply affect their readers, but are also mostly controversial.

Jesus Christ is just another man – The Gospel According to Jesus Christ by José Saramago

In order to protest Portugal’s censorship practices, Saramago went into voluntary exile on a Spanish island. Story Ideas for Fiction Writers. The Book of Disquiet, a classic of existentialist literature.

There was silence, God and the Devil confronted each other for the first time, both giving the impression of being about to say something, according nothing happened. He is mostly trying to tell the story from a different perspective. Although Chfist am not, never was, and never will be a Catholic, I am not an atheist as well.

Beyond providing a rebellious interpretation of the Christ story, Saramago delves into theology and questions about the human nature in an accessible way; something that has rarely been achieved in the past. Later, when Jesus turns thirteen, Joseph is crucified by the Romans who mistakenly think him to be a Zealot fighter. Retrieved 16 May