Computer savvy sorcerer Ravirn learns that not every world is user friendly in this WebMage novel from Kelly McCullough. In the 21st century, magic has. MythOS (WebMage, book 4) by Kelly McCullough – book cover, description, publication history. Read “MythOS” by Kelly McCullough with Rakuten Kobo. Computer savvy sorcerer Ravirn learns that not every world is user friendly in this.

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Then everything went away behind a curtain of blackness as though all the lights in the universe had gone out. Raviern and his girlfriend, the Fury Tisiphone, are sent into another universe where the Norse gods run things. First and foremost, Necessity was broken. He gave me a thumbs-up out of sight of his video mcckllough and I relaxed.

Books by Kelly McCullough. There were some things that confused me about this book. It both contains and gave birth to the near infinite parallel worlds of reality.

MythOS Audiobook | Kelly McCullough |

I think this may be my favorite installment of the Webmage series. Open the walls of reality with any tool other than a sharpened bit of Fury-stuff and Primal Chaos pours through from there to here with generally catastrophic results. Though it had no apparent features I got the impression of a great disembodied eye trying to get all three of us into range of its vision. This Norse-run world is run on magical system that’s completely different from what they’re used to.

I’m a long-time fan of Thor, so I was all set to cheering on Thor, Odin, and booing Loki and his lot. They’re exciting and fun and I love the way the author combines mythology and computer programming.


After the events of the 3rd book in the series I wasn’t sure how things would progress for our Raven, and I was happily surprised with how things panned out. Not this one though, and the visit with Norse mythology view spoiler [and Tisiphone become oddly human and that whole story arc hide spoiler ] was interesting.

In the 21st century, magic has advanced with the times and gone digital.

It was nice to see her returning to her old flirtatious self—dying had taken a lot out of her, not to mention starting the whole mess with Hades and Persephone. Add to that the fact that the Furies are her personal system administrators, ready to tear any cracker—say, yours truly—into teeny tiny shreds before delivering him to Hades in a bucket, and you get a feel for what a bad idea it is to mess with her.

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And on the Greek side of things, I like that Tisiphone is finally showing truer, more forgiving, more HUMAN character traits and that her decision to stay in the Norse pantheon gives her a weakness in that tough shell. What does each new location look, sound and smell like?

But with the primal stuff of deep chaos, it all happens in the moment. I also really enjoy this representation of Loki and his children as they try to thwart the fate that Ragnarok decrees they will have. While repairing Necessity the badly-broken sentient computer that runs the multiverseRavirn is thrown into a very different place, a parallel world where the Greek gods are only myths.

Oct 12, Lucy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Seriously this series is wild, I love the fact that Kelly McCullough combines science fiction with fantasy, technology with greek and NOW norse lore.


May 26, Pages Buy. We are experiencing technical difficulties. The initial setup for this adventure was a little clunky, and the end screams “sequel heading your way” more than the previous books in the series.

It would temporarily allow me to see in the infrared. From the Greek parthenon to the Norse. Knowing Tisiphone as I did, I recognized the threat of extreme violence just beneath the surface of the words. Probably requires a higher level of computer geekdom to reakky enjoy than the first in this series, which is fun for me but a pity for some others, but I love the series and the concept – greek myth meets cyberpunk.

I like that Tisiphone is finally showing truer, more forgiving, more HUMAN character traits and that her decision to stay in the Norse pantheon gives mcculllough a weakness in that tough shell.

The shift from the Greek to the Norse mythos, I’ll admit, threw me for a bit of a loop. Jun 03, S. The wires in the top set each mytho five heavy copper beads, the ones on the bottom only two.

It doesn’t actually say that Ravirn picked Melchior up. I still prefer to be called Ravirn, but whether I like it or not, I am Raven and one face of the Trickster.

A twist loosed Occam from its sheath. Even magic has to keep up with the times.