Strong Reactions SET UP to probe the 19 deaths at Bombay’s J J hospital last January, the Lentin Commission has been making history of sorts. For the Bombay. Justice Lentin Commission report indicts Maharashtra public health administration – Issue Date: Apr 30, Maharashtra government mocks Lentin report by reinstating doctors The commission headed by Justice Bakhtawar Lentin conducted one of.

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The licensing of the then Rs2, crore drugs industry in Maharashtra was solely handled by the FDA joint commissioner and licensing authority, who was answerable to none but the health minister. Administration who had actually assisted the Lentin Commission.

Maharashtra government mocks Lentin report by reinstating doctors involved in public hospital deaths scandal Reinstatement mocks Lentin report.

The glycerine commissio laced with industrial glycol, a chemical which attacks the kidneys and kills quickly. This added to the inducements of the manufacturer of sub standard, spurious and misbranded drugs and total lack of fear of the consequences pro- vided by commsision Act and Rules. Lentin, and presumed that the matter would blow over.

Chandrikapure, who was dean of the government-run J. This official handled all applications for licences and had the power to refuse or grant them.

LENTIN COMMISSION-Strong Reactions : | Economic and Political Weekly

It recommended an Anti-Corruption Bureau investigation against him as also former health minister Baliram Hiray, who was similarly indicted. It is time to pause and forage into the murky waters of lies, deceit, intrigue, ineptitude and corruption to salvage the truth which led to this ghastly and tragic episode.

Instituted under the Commissions of Inquiry Act, Justice Lentin had the freedom to define the scope of the inquiry narrowly And it is because he has chosen not to do so that so many interests are now seeking to scuttle or sabotage the inquiry and variously dilute its findings. The high court granted an interim injunction, but later rejected the petition. It did not, and for several years thereafter, the Justice Lentin Commission of Inquiry remained the focus of intense and unprecedented public and media interest.

Two other doctors involved in the tragedy have also been reinstated – Dr A. And the only official the Government has punished with dismissal is L. The former minister was ordered to appear before the metropolitan courts by July 14, but he filed a writ petition in the Bombay high court challenging the order on the ground that the commission had no right to institute such proceedings and further that it had no jurisdiction to examine him at the stage that it did.

  BS EN 60439-1 PDF

The public furore that followed compelled the Maharashtra government to announce the institution of an enquiry commission, led by a sitting judge of the Bombay High Court, Justice B. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The nexus of corruption and negligence in our healthcare system is intact but is rarely exposed in the absence of a vigilant media, strong public pressure, and government commitment.

The commission undertook a detailed investigation into the manner in which the FDA functioned, both in terms of licensing and controlling the standard of drugs produced. Such measures would enable the medical and pharmaceutical industries to get back to their role of creating health rather than merely selling drugs.

All Justice Lentin, now retired, chose to say was: Skip to main content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Please note that comments are moderated as per our comments policy. All is over bar the shouting. They may take some time to appear. Photo by Rupa Chinai. Connect with us Contact Us. August 21, Email required Address never made public. The Truth About Governance in Gujarat: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It recommended scrapping of drug procurement through the rate contract system and reser- vation for backward areas.

It is here where the system has utterly failed, resulting in the kind of tragedy which struck the JJ Hospital. Worse, former health minister Baliram Hiray, against whom Lentin had passed strong strictures, was nominated as a member of the state Legislative Council. Some key thinking emerging from the debates of that time is that the government will not be able to stem such tragedies unless it addresses itself to two tasks.

It was this talent that enabled officers like S. The JJ Hospital tragedy took place because the FDA Food and Drug Administration granted an illegal licence to Alpana Pharma, supplier of the killer drug glycerol, without ensuring that basic regulations were complied with.

They have also stressed the uselessness of cough mixtures, lehtin money spinners for the industry—which can be effectively and cheaply substituted by a balanced food diet. You are commenting using your WordPress.

It instead suggested that government hospitals directly purchase their quota from reputed manufactur- ers and conduct their own tests to ensure standard-quality drugs, amongst other measures. Nor have some of the recommendations regarding hospital administration been implemented.


This report, made public in Marchafter much prevarication by the state government, is the first official document of its kind providing a rare and detailed insight into the state of our public health system. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The commission has made full use of the provisions of the Act to painstakingly accumulate voluminous evidence that has exposed the most rampant corruption which has undoubtedly cost many, many more unrecorded deaths over the years than the 19 accounted for at the J J hospital By the end of July the commission had recorded 3, pages of evidence over days and had perused 1, files to collect “unimpeachable documentary evidence” pointing to large-scale malpractices in the supply of glycerol and other medicines to the hospitals and to blatant disregard for all rules and regulations at every stage, from the pharmacology department to the dean of the hospital and from the rank and file of the Foods and Drugs Authority FDA right up to the state health ministry.

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Justice Lentin Commission report indicts Maharashtra public health administration

For the Bombay high court judge constituting the commission sees this as more than a limited investigation into hospital deaths, as he could well have. Raykar is now waiting for his petition to be heard by the Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal. Several consumer and medical bodies have asserted the need to start by weeding out drugs banned the world over, but continue to be manufactured and sold in India, in some cases even in defi- ance of the ban order of the Drug Controller of India, under the shield of court-granted stay orders.

Fommission deliberately obtuse and secretive, its rules left to individual caprice, it facilitated racketeering and money making right down the line, at huge public cost. When questioned, FDA joint commissioner S. Tell us lentiin you didn’t like in the comments. EPW looks forward to your comments. This pointed to the enormous scale on which the public health system had been reduced to a captive market for profit spinning, where human life commiasion of least concern.

Jigna on Building public institutions: